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Giftiger Schimmelmais in Deutschland gesperrt - in die USA exportiert

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WARNING! Ship with 35,000 tons of mold - infested corn (Aflatoxin B1) on it's way to the USA!

A ship containing 35,000 tons of Aflatoxin B1- infested corn left the German ports of Bremen and Brake (Lower Saxony) on Monday, July 22, 2013, on it's way to be sold to US farmers. The corn originally came from Serbia, and was imported into Germany in November 2012. German agricultural safety inspectors detected the mold after 10,000 tons had already been sold to farmers in northwestern Germany, and fed to milk cows in the Lower Saxony region. In February of this year, the authorities banned the sale of the remaining 35,000 tons, freezing the loads in Bremen(25,000 tons) and Brake (10,000 tons) ports. The importer was originally ordered to burn the corn in a waste incinerator (waste-to-energy plant). This never happened. Attemprts to use the corn in a German biogas plant were also blocked by the authorities, citing health concerns.

Recently the owner gained permission from the FDA to export the corn to the USA. German laws and regulations allow the export of infested products, if the importing country gives permission. The safety limit for Aflatoxin B1 in animal feed is 20 micrograms/per kilogram in Germany/the EU, while in the US it is 500 micrograms/per kilogram. The infested corn was imported into Germany, is now being exported to the US and finally will be imported into the US by the same global company: Alfred C. Toepfer International, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany and branch offices in Tampa, Florida (Tampa Bulk Services, Inc.,6101 Port TampaDrive, Tampa Florida 33686-9248, USA,Tel.: +1 (813) 8 37 01 92,Fax: +1 (813) 8 31 67 35, mail: TBSINC[at], and Minneapolis Minneapolis (Alfred C. Toepfer International, Inc.701 Fourth Avenue South, Suite 800,Minneapolis, MN 55415 USA, Tel.: +1 612 436 30 70, Fax: +1 612 436 30 67, mail: mail[at] The ship is the “Liberty Island” and must be currently enroute on the Atlantic, most probably to the port of Corpus Christi, Texas.

As leader of the Green Party here in Bremen, I became deeply concerned about the effects on human and animal health should this toxic corn be fed to cattle or pigs and thus re-enter the food chain and have thus taken the initiative to send this warning. Any questions concerning scientific or administrative details can best be answered by the food safety and consumer protection authorities of the German State of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LAVES).

Sincerely, Dr. Matthias Gueldner, Chairman Green Party, State Parliament of Bremen State, Germany


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